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Eating with Braces: Do’s and Don’ts

Caramel apple

Don’t worry, eating a steady diet of applesauce, yogurt and mashed potatoes is NOT necessary

You can eat real food with braces – lots of it! But there are snacks and foods to avoid. Braces are precision appliances that could be damaged by eating hard foods. Sticky, crunchy or certain soft foods can loosen or dislodge the brackets from teeth and promote tooth decay. If it’s hard, especially chewy or likely to get stuck in your teeth, then it’s something to skip. If you still go trick-or-treating on Halloween, then you might make a new friend because you’ll be giving away loads of candy.Caramel apple

  • Doritos, popcorn, caramel and nuts are all bad choices with braces.
  • Gum is out. That big fresh bagel? Pass.
  • Corn on the cob? Next year.

The good news is tons of great food can be eaten safely with braces

Some examples:

  • Proteins – hamburgers, boneless poultry, seafood, cooked beans, hummus
  • Fruits and vegetables – most soft fruits and roasted or steamed veggies
  • Breads and grains – waffles, muffins, sandwich bread, soft tortillas, cake, cookies, rice, pasta, cooked cereals, quinoa, cake
  • Dairy – cheeses, ice cream (no nuts!)

If you’re using a retainer to keep teeth in their desired position, it’s generally recommended you remove the retainer and place it in its dedicated case immediately before eating. Eating with the retainer in your mouth can trap food and potentially alter the shape and effectiveness of the appliance. If you do eat with your retainer, be careful and rinse the retainer immediately after eating.

Bottom line: Eating safely with braces is a piece of cake and more. You’ll find plenty on the menu.

Food you can eat right here in East Midtown Manhattan!

We’ve got tons of restaurants sure to satisfy every tastebud within walking distance of our office. Here are some of our favorites:

eating soupLe Pain Quotidien
With a variety of seasonal soups, salads and sandwiches, there are lots of things on the menu you can eat, but be sure to avoid the harder crusted breads.
eating pizzaBest Pizza On First
Pizza is A-OK, although you may want to ask for a knife and fork to get it down to bite sized pieces.
eating wingsJimbo’s Hamburger Place
You’re pretty safe with anything on the breakfast & lunch menu. You could even sneak in a few wings if you pull the meat off the bones first.
eating flanPho Saigon NYC
Pho Saigon’s signature rice noodle soup is not only braces friendly, but comes in a wide selection of meats and vegetables to suite any tastebuds!
eating guacamole bowlRosa Mexicana
There are tons of soft & delicious options at Rosa Mexicana. We all know you’ll end up eating chips if you go, but be careful, and try to go slow!