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Incognito™ Lingual Braces

Unique, precision and comfortable Incognito™ braces are made from real gold. They are the only 100 percent invisible, fixed-braces system available. Best known as hidden or lingual braces, Incognito™ technology custom fits the system behind each tooth.

Incognito™ maintains your appearance during treatment, suits all ages, and is ideal for allergy sufferers.

Grinbaum Orthodontics is a certified Incognito™ provider.

Incognito® lingual braces allow for teeth straightening with minimal hassle and no visibility. Better suited for a busy lifestyle than removable aligners, this treatment option offers the benefits of a lingual treatment without the noticeability of traditional braces and the necessary compliance of removable braces.

Using high-quality, computer-generated technology, this treatment option is the most discreet way to get the gorgeous smile you always wanted.

Incognito™ Braces in Action

Jon is a young professional in the financial sector. He was always concerned about his open bite — a gap between his upper and lower teeth. Jon felt insecure during client meetings and sought to correct his smile and bolster his confidence. He chose Incognito™ braces for a full bite correction without anyone knowing he was in treatment.

Open Bite
jon's incognito braces

InBrace® Invisible Treatment

InBrace is teeth straightening on autopilot with a personalized Smartwire™ hidden behind your teeth that gently perfects your smile.

Why is InBrace Different?

Smarter. Straighter. Smoother. Wow-ier.

The revolutionary Smartwire effortlessly aligns your teeth according to your personalized treatment plan. No visible wires. No trays. No painful monthly tightenings or tray changes. Just WOW.

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The Smartwire is Unlike Anything Else...

A comfortable experience with results that show sooner, and a treatment that understands you’ve got bigger things to do.

  • Behind Your Teeth Your personalized Smartwire sits behind your teeth so only you and your orthodontist know it’s there.
  • Automated Smartwires are programmed to deliver gentle, continuous forces - just like autopilot for your mouth.
  • License to live Go ahead - sip that coffee, kiss that cutie, lean in closer. With InBrace, you can eat, drink, brush, floss and carry on as usual while in treatment.
  • Less ick No metal mouth. No visible stains. No dozens of trays. No shoving your hand in your mouth to remove aligners. No losing aligners.
  • More you time InBrace continually self-adjusts reducing office time and overall treatment time with an average of 12 months, with treatment time that’s half the time of other options. So you can do more life stuff and less treatment stuff.
  • Less pain, more gain Zero tray refittings. No painful monthly tightenings. InBrace is everything other straightening systems aren’t - including completely hidden.